10 Things to Know About Neuromodulation


10 Things to Know About Neuromodulation

Tired of living with chronic nerve pain? Neuromodulation is a non-invasive treatment that offers relief. Discover how it treats pain here.

Your hardworking nervous system keeps you breathing, digesting food, and enjoying pleasant sensations. Unfortunately, it also can carry pain messages between your body and brain. 

You may be a good candidate for neuromodulation if you have chronic nerve pain. At Spine & Pain Specialists of the Carolinas, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, we specialize in interventional pain medicine, including neuromodulation.

10 things to know about neuromodulation 

This promising treatment is minimally invasive and versatile. Research shows it helps migraines, back pain, and Parkinson’s Disease, among other health concerns. 

1) What is neuromodulation? 

This innovative technology interrupts nerve communications with electrical impulses. Since your nerves carry messages throughout your body, interrupting pain messages means your brain doesn’t receive them, making you feel less pain. 

2) Broad applications 

Since your nerves affect every aspect of your body, it makes sense that nerve damage can occur in different ways and in various parts of your body or brain. Neuromodulation can treat all types of nerve damage, not just back pain or headaches. 

3) Personalized approach 

Everyone’s pain is different, and Dr. Kumar will evaluate your condition and medical history to create a personalized treatment plan that’s right for you. Neuromodulation therapy is flexible in intensity, duration, and approach.

4) Minimally-invasive

At Spine & Pain Specialists of the Carolinas, we offer neuromodulation approaches that you can control. For example, with spinal cord stimulation, Dr. Kumar inserts a tiny device into your spinal cord, and you use a remote control to adjust the impulses. 

5) Non-opioid alternative 

Neuromodulation offers an effective pain management alternative to addictive painkillers. Not only are opioids addictive, but they also have side effects like drowsiness and nausea that impact your quality of life. 

6) Targeted pain relief 

Neuromodulation targets the exact area where you’re in pain and interrupts those pain receptors so you feel relief quickly. 

7) Enhance your daily activities 

When you have less pain, you feel more energized and have a greater range of motion. What would it feel like to enjoy life without pain? Learn more by contacting our office. 

8) It can be combined with physical therapy 

Many people experience excellent outcomes when they combine neuromodulation and physical therapy. This powerful combination reduces pain and enhances mobility and range of motion.

9) Minimal downtime

Depending on the application, you may experience a few weeks of restricted mobility. Each case is different, but Dr. Kumar will discuss the appropriate expectations for your situation. 

10) Trial available 

We can trial neuromodulation to test its effectiveness. That way, we can see how your body responds before committing. 

You can learn more about neuromodulation at Spine & Pain Specialists of the Carolinas in Charlotte, North Carolina. Please schedule an appointment with our online booking tool.