Chronic Back Pain Management: 7 Key Benefits of Physical Therapy


Chronic Back Pain Management: 7 Key Benefits of Physical Therapy

Chronic back pain can limit your mobility. Fortunately, physical therapy can reduce pain, restore mobility, and prevent further injuries. Discover more here.

If you’re one of the millions of Americans experiencing chronic back pain, you understand how significantly it impacts your life. Fortunately, you can find pain relief. 

Physical therapy (PT) employs specialized equipment, exercises, and physical manipulation to help your body heal so you can get back to the activities you enjoy. 

At the Spine & Pain Specialists of the CarolinasAashish Jay Kumar, MD, D.ABA, is a pain intervention specialist. He’ll identify the underlying causes of your back pain and craft an appropriate treatment plan that may include physical therapy. 

7 benefits of physical therapy for chronic back pain

When you’re in pain, it’s difficult to focus on the good things in life. You may feel depressed, lethargic, or unable to participate in daily activities. Physical therapy can address chronic pain's physical and mental side effects to get you back to thriving.

1) Pain management 

Our team uses several modalities for pain relief. From gentle manipulation to specific therapeutic exercises, our team focuses on reducing inflammation and releasing your body’s natural endorphins for pain relief. Our team also makes suggestions regarding ergonomic modifications and daily pain management. 

2) Improved mobility 

Many people with chronic back pain experience limited mobility. Physical therapy includes a customized series of exercises to strengthen your core, improve flexibility, and increase your range of motion. These exercises can make daily activities, like bending and walking, easier.

3)Custom treatments 

Every situation is unique. Our physical therapists assess your medical history, the cause of your pain, and your current limitations and lifestyle. With this information, we’ll create a personalized treatment plan designed for the best outcome for you. 

4) Injury prevention 

You don’t want to re-injure yourself. By assessing and targeting weak areas, we can help you strengthen your muscles and create healthy ergonomic habits to protect your body. 

5) Avoid surgery 

Physical therapy has helped many of our patients avoid or delay invasive back surgery. PT uses a combination of strength-building exercises, education, and manual techniques to improve your stability and correct painful imbalances. 

6) Psychological well-being 

Chronic pain is tough on your mental health too. When you’re saddled with chronic pain that leaves you sidelined while everyone else goes about their lives, it can leave you feeling anxious and depressed. Physical therapy can help by reducing pain and teaching you relaxation and healthy coping techniques. 

7) Enhanced quality of life 

Physical therapy is a holistic approach. From physical pain reduction treatments to improving your emotional well-being, PT can help improve your mobility and strength and create good habits to prevent future injury and back surgery. 

At Spine & Pain Specialists of the Carolinas, Dr. Kumar can help with chronic pain management. Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, you can schedule an appointment here